Australia experiences unique climates that can affect building structural foundations. Underpinning is required when the foundation are no longer supporting the building. Concrete underpinning is still extensively used, however resin injections are an alternative depending on the job.

There are several techniques or methods to do underpinning, but the basic principle is the same. To increase the strength of the foundation and lift the foundations to the original level if required. Which generally involves excavating around and/or under existing foundations and pouring concrete. In some cases, new piers need to be added even attached the existing footings before the concrete is poured.

Resin injections follow a more straightforward method that can be used in reactive soils: clay type soils that swell when wet and shrink on drying. Generally very little or no excavation is needed as the resin can be injected through holes in the soil around the foundations. As the resin is injected the soil absorbs it, and then the resin expands as it dries. The soil and resin bind as a result and cause the soil to be less reactive. Also, as a result, any voids in the ground are filled to prevent further problems.

Concrete underpinning is a more complex process, however, is generally the most suitable option as it can be more cost-effective and more ideal for most jobs. Resin injection can be faster and easier but if large amounts of resin are required can end up costing much more than concrete underpinning.

Whichever method is most suitable for your job. The key thing to remember is that only underpinning experts are qualified to repair structural issues.

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underpinning brisbane
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