Some of the main signs that your house needs underpinning include cracks and gaps and even water puddles. In order to determine if your house needs underpinning, it’s best to call in a professional. Underpin Brisbane have many years of experience in determining which signs indicate the need for underpinning.

Cracks in walls
Superficial cracks in walls can be easily fixed; however, deeper, structural cracks will need to be addressed. Take notice of any cracks that form on the interior and exterior of your home, then monitor them to see if they change.

Sloping house
If you notice that your home is sloping, it can indicate that your house needs underpinning. A sloping floor can be hard to detect but there are ways to do so. Discovering that your home is sloping can indicate a problem with the soil.

Doors and windows difficult to open
With a sloping home, you may notice doors and windows becoming more difficult to open or close. Doors and windows are often an easy way of discovering problems with the foundations of your home. Gaps can also indicate misalignment of foundations

Pooling water
Stagnant water sitting in pools around your home is never a good sign, and can often be a sign that you need underpinning.

Tree roots
Often if there are large trees surrounding your home, they can damage your home’s foundations. If you notice roots anywhere around the foundations, get in touch with the team today. We can determine whether you need underpinning or not.