As leaders in the industry, one of the services we offer is house restumping. Restumping is the process of replacing the stumps from under an existing building. This is generally due to damaged stumps that have rotted, rusted and cracked, or have settled into the soil due to moisture or movement. 

Signs You Need Restumping
  1. Door or windows not opening or closing properly
  2. Floor sloping in one direction or more
  3. Cracked walls 
  4. Damaged stumps 

If you have any of the above issues, then chances are your property needs stumpwork.

In most cases, we can repair the house stumps without completely replacing them. Restumping them with your choice of concrete, steel or timber stumps, depending on your existing foundation. Today’s house stumps are made to a much better standard and are constructed to withstand the harsh climate of Australia.

When restumping your home, you can choose from any of the following stumps to be used:

  • New concrete stumps that are prefabricated and reinforced in 25mpa concrete.
  • Steel stumps that are Supa-galvanised or for further protection can be hot dipped galvanized.
  • New wooden stumps that are treated with an Arsenic solution, which makes them resistant to termites, water and rotting.
Restumping Process

The process includes supporting the house on hydraulic jacks and carefully taking the weight off the existing stump. Usually, we will do a few at a time so that we lift a section together.

This allows us to dig around the footing of the existing stump until we can pull the old stump out. Some stumps can be much easier to remove than others. This is taken into consideration as part of your quote, so you won’t have to pay extra if we have to sweat a little harder to remove one.

Once the stump is removed, the hole is cleaned out in preparation for the new concrete footing. Then your choice of new stumps are placed and concreted in position. All old stumps are removed and disposed of, and we attempt to leave the site cleaner than how we found it.

You can learn more about restumping at our sister companies, Raise My House and Brisbane House Restumping.

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